Five From . . . You!


Today I’m turning the tables and asking YOU five questions! Leave your answers in the comments or on my Facebook page. Yes, these will be used in a future post . . . you have been warned!

–What is your favorite genre right now?
–What book has stuck in your mind over the past three months?
–What aspect of a female lead is your favorite (i.e, snarky, smart, fearless, flawed . . . ?)
–What part of a male lead makes you swoon? (I mean characteristic, not body part!)
–How many books do you read each week?

Get ready for future Five From Friends Friday guests, including K.M. Scott, Stacy Darnell, CM Doporto, Jenna Barton, Arianne Richmonde, Ruth Cardello, Juli Valenti . . . and many more!

Peace, love and romance~

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  1. Favorite genre: Anything with romance
    Book stuck in my mind: my second novel, The Phoenix Shadow. I’ve been living and breathing it since January, so yeah, it’s stuck in my mind.
    Female lead favorite aspect: snarky and smart (snarkiness without brains is a let down)
    Male lead swoon worthiness: confidence (being easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either)
    How many books I read each week: 1-3 books

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