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Quickies from Ava Branson

Welcome to Ava Branson, author of the Blue Water Seduction books as well as three other erotic romances. I met Ava during a recent group promotion we did together, and I’m enjoying her book Rough Seas right now! Let’s see what she has to share with us today. . .


Q: You’re driving along, turn on the radio and it’s a country song. Do you turn it off or turn it up and sing along? 

A: If it were a rockin’, upbeat song, I’d sure as heck turn it up! As for singing along? I can’t think of anyone I dislike enough to do that to. It would be unkind, and I’m anything but unkind.

Q: You’re getting ready to leave for a full day of meetings and appointments. Suddenly, they’re all cancelled. What do you do with this free day?

A: Once upon a time, an unexpected free day would have meant a long, leisurely stop at Barnes and Noble followed by a mad dash home to curl up on the couch with my new treasures. Now (after deciding to write full-time) I’d shout the rafters down, do some odd, uncoordinated happy dance, change back into my yoga pants, and plop down at the keyboard, delighted to have bonus time with my characters.

Q: If you could bring one literary character to life to introduce to your best single friend. . .who would it be?

A: One literary character…hmm…just one???

Q: Disney World or Disneyland?

A: Disney World, good people! Native Floridian here

Q: What one food could you eat every day for the rest of your life?

A: What a tough question to ask an Italian, but if push came to shove – probably lobster. Honorable mentions would include pasta, good sausage and meatballs, pizza, nachos, smothered burritos, chocolate…and a collective shudder just ran through many a nutritionist.


avaHead shotAva Branson is a native Floridian, born and raised. She grew up in a boating family on the Atlantic coast and had sandbetween her toes from birth. A ten year span spent living in Colorado taught her a love and appreciation of the mountains, but the ocean called her back home and Florida is where she settled, raising two children and any number of cats.

 When she’s not writing (which is rare) she’s thinking of stories to write (which is always) and just hopes to be able to share a fraction of the countless romances she has dreamed up with readers.

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Emmy Ryan. A young, beautiful doctoral candidate finds herself at crossroads, questioning the path of a life she’d once believedRough Seas large so certain and the impulsive decision that may change it forever.

Stavros Maragos. Head of his family’s vast corporate empire. Driven and intensely passionate about those he loves. But when he becomes the only family member left living, he erects an emotional wall to buffer the pain left behind.

One multi-million dollar mega-yacht in the Caribbean. One new crew member. A very rich owner. Two vastly different worlds collide with stunning force and raw need.

Can Emmy find her footing in Stavros’ world? And is Stavros’ need for Emmy powerful enough to destroy the emotional fortress he lives in?

The stakes are high in this scorching tale of lust and love. 

Rough Seas – Book One, Blue Water Seduction


Peace, love and romance~

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