Happy Halloween!


Are you ready for Halloween?

The best way to celebrate this spooky holiday is with a scary read~and I’ve got a whole box of frightening fun here.

The Recipe for Death Collection I includes three full-length books (Death Fricassee, Death A La Mode and Death Over Easy) and a novella (Unforgettable) plus an exclusive short story, all in one handy box set.

Pour some wine, put up your feet and spend some time in Palm Dunes . . . where people aren’t always as they appear.
Want a recipe for intrigue? Take one thirty-something food columnist, living the high life as the youngest resident of a Florida retirement community in the house she inherited from her grandmother. Sprinkle with early-bird specials and nights of bingo. 

Add one college professor-turned-novelist, seasoned heavily with deep, dark secrets sprung from a night of drunken fun that left him changed in ways he doesn’t understand. 

Toss in a handful of murders that rock a quiet community and sprinkle with approaching apocalypse.

Heat until neither one wants to deny their growing attraction to each other. 

Best served hot with a side of wicked humor and a glass of Pinot Grigio. 

Bon Appetit! 

Grab your copy today! 

Save Tomorrow!


Once upon a time, I wrote paranormal books. I thought that was what I would always write, and then I wrote The Posse, and from there on, my release schedule was heavily skewed toward con rom.

I’m not sorry about that decision, because I love my con rom stories and characters, but at times, I’ve missed my paranormal people. This is why every Halloween, I release a new Recipe for Death book. It keeps my hand in.

Shortly after I began writing contemporary romance, my two youngest kids (then 12 and 17) asked me to consider writing an apocalyptic story that they would feel comfortable reading (that means–don’t put any sex in it, Mom!). I laughed and said I didn’t have a story like that . . . but then I remembered the dream.

I don’t know when I had the dream, but it was at least four years ago. In it, I saw a group of people on the porch of a big house in San Francisco. They were gathered together on the eve of a huge battle against an evil force. I didn’t know anything more about it than there was an air of St. Crispin’s Day there–

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;

There was a feeling that they knew it was possible that they would never be together like this again, a sort of desperate gaiety . . . but a solidarity, too. None of them regretted being there. And I also knew that one of the women was pregnant.

I never remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me. And I realized that it was part of a greater story, one I’d already begun writing.

Thus was born the Save Tomorrow books.

All of my paranormal books are set in the same world. While they stand alone, both within the world and within their series, the characters cross over, the story lines intersect and overlap, and from Fearless up through The Fox’s Wager, all of the books are leading, to some extent, to the big showdown coming up in The Age of Aquarius.

Below is the reading order for these books. We’re doing a casual read-along in the Temptresses from now through April 7th so if you’d like to join along, be sure you’re a member.






Stardust on the Sea


The Shadow Bells

Death Fricassee


Death A La Mode

Death Over Easy

Moonlight on the Meadow (January 24th)

The Fox’s Wager (February 1st)

Age of Aquarius (April 7th)

It’s getting spooky . . .

dark night forest agaist full moon


Halloween is just two weeks away . . . and if you’re one of my readers, you know what that means. It’s time for a new Recipe for Death book!

Life in Palm Dunes is never dull, but right now, Jackie could use a little boring. She and Lucas know that the battle to save the world is looming ever closer, but before that happens, they’ve got to deal with a series of disturbing murders in their own community, a new house guest, an unexpected visit from an old acquaintance . . . and Mrs. Mac, who’s competing in the Ms. Florida Senior Living Pageant.

Just another episode in the life of a half-vampire death broker and his girlfriend.

Death Over Easy releases on Halloween. If you haven’t read the first two books, they’re available on all venues–and you can preorder Death Over Easy exclusively on iBooks!

Isn’t the cover amazing? It was created by the talented Meg Murrey!

What’s really exciting about this installment in the Death series is that it’s leading into some big things. All of the books in my paranormal world have been steps along the way, but now . . . now we’re getting serious. Each subsequent book will build on the one before it.

Coming next is Moonlight on the Meadow. It’s Cathryn’s story, and finally, FINALLY, Cathryn is going to find her true love. It’s about time, even if she has to travel all the way to Ireland to make it happen.

And then on February 1, 2017, The Fox’s Wager releases. This book is part of the Hotel Paranormal series, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Everything climaxes in Age of Aquarius which comes out on April 7, 2017 (my 50th birthday!). That book will bring the whole gang back together: Tasmyn, Michael, Marly and more from King . . . Rafe, Nell, Joss, Cathryn and Zoe from the Serendipity books . . . Lucas, Jackie, Veronica and others from the Recipe for Death books–and some surprise guests, too.

What can you do to be ready? Start reading. The order of books is below!

And brace yourself: in April we’re going to change the past, rock the present and save the future.







Stardust on the Sea


The Shadow Bells

Death Fricassee


Death A La Mode

Death Over Easy (October 31, 2016)

Moonlight on the Meadow (January 24, 2017)

The Fox’s Wager (February 1, 2017)

Age of Aquarius (April 7, 2017)

Death A La Mode is Here!


The second book in the Recipe for Death series is here!

Jackie’s still adjusting to having a steady boyfriend—not to mention getting used to the fact that Lucas is a death broker/vampire. With the help of his ex-lover Cathryn—whom Jackie doesn’t quite trust—they’re trying to figure out why Lucas was turned—and by whom. 
Jackie’s biggest challenge at the moment, though, is creating a winning entry to the annual Perfect Pecan Pie Festival, the premiere food contest in Palm Dunes, Florida. Testing recipes and running her new restaurant are keeping her busy.

But no one’s too busy for murder.

When people around local up-and-coming folk singer Crissy Darwin begin turning up dead, Lucas is pulled into the investigation. He and Jackie suspect that Crissy herself is the target. But can they solve the mystery before the killer strikes again—and without ruining the Festival?

Pour yourself a nice glass of Lambrusco, cut a slice of pie and settle in to see what happens.

Get your copy here!

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And Book 1, Death Fricassee is on sale for only 99 cents!Death Fricassee


Death A La Mode: Folk Music




This week’s Pinterest Pick topic for Death A La Mode is Folk Music! Crissy Darwin, local folk music rising star, is at the center of a series of troubling deaths. Can Jackie and Lucas help her out of this mess before the curtain falls?

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