Catching Up. . .or What I Did Over the Summer

Remember when you went back to school in September (I grew up in places where school never began before Labor Day) and your teacher would assign you an essay about what you did over summer vacation?

Well, today’s post is that essay.

If you follow my site, you might have noticed that my personal posts have dwindled over the summer.  I apologize.  My summer began with the release of Restless on June 28th and all of the planning and work that went along with that.

And shortly thereafter, I became a full partner in Promotional Book Tours with the incomparable Mandie Stevens.  Mandie has handled the bulk of my own promotions and publicity, and she is smart and savvy.  Working with her has been a huge learning experience!

For instance, I now know how to put together a rafflecopter, a linky tool and the set up for scheduling a tour. I’m always a little slow at first, but eventually I figure it out.

You may have noticed that I’ve been promoting lots of other books on my site, too.  These are all PBT clients, and all are books I can personally recommend to you. I hope that you’ll check out these books and authors (and enter the giveaways for some really cool prizes!).

So I’ve been adjusting this summer to a new schedule, balancing PBT work, housework, child care, family time and my own promotion and writing.

Writing has been especially hard. It’s difficult for me to just pick up and write in dribs and drabs; I need devoted writing time, a few hours or anything open ended, where I can get lost in the world and let the words flow. That kind of time has been in short supply lately.

So what else have I done? Well, we have a new cat in the house (yes, that makes me the crazy cat lady officially), and she’s slowly getting acclimated to the other cats.  We didn’t choose her; a neighbor found her and delivered her to our house. But seriously, folks, she’s so cute you wouldn’t be able to turn her away either! Look at that face.  Her name is Mrs. Lennon, named by my Beatles loving children. I call her Lenni.

What have YOU done this summer?  What books did you read, what movies did you see, what shows on television captured your evenings?  Did you eat any delicious food, travel to exciting places, meet new people?  Share below. . .that’s you assignment.  Minimum 25 words, single spaced.

And. . .go.

Peace, love and romance~

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