A new look for the hottest football players around!

The Keeping Score series just got a makeover!

One of my favorite series has just gotten even better!

The books formerly known as the Keeping Score series have been re-titled, re-covered, re-blurbed and re-series’d.

I’ve divided them into two series: the first three books will now be the Keeping Score Trilogy, and the subsequent books will all be called Making the Score Football Romances.

Here’s how it works

Keeping Score

What used to be When We Were Us is now—-False Start

What used to be Hanging By A Moment is now—-Three & Out

What used to be Days of You And Me is now—-The Comeback Route

Making the Score Football Romances

What used to be Not Broken Anymore is now—-Down By Contact

What used to be Your Wildest Dreams is now—-Next Man Up

What used to be Sway is now—-Game of Inches

And the new covers–they’re smokin’ H O T! Done by Meg Murrey, these are quintessential football sexiness.

To celebrate this revival, I have two pieces of good news. First, False Start is FREE on all vendors and Down By Contact is only 99 cents. That means this is the perfect time to snatch up all of these books at once. YAY!

And second, in spite of everything I said about this series being over . . . there are going to be two *brand new* releases in this world in early 2021. I’m not announcing titles or who these books will feature (can you guess???), but I promise details will be shared shortly.

Peace, love and romance~

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