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Quickies from Josie Bordeaux

I met Josie last summer at Indie BookFest 2014 and then again at Indie MashUp Tampa. She’s funny, smart and talented. . .and I really enjoyed hanging out with her a bit. I was thrilled when I got the chance to corner her for five quickies!

Q: A friend is about to get on the airplane and asks for a fast-read book recommendation. What do you tell her? 

A: Aside from my erotic romance novella (I’m assuming since this is my friend she’s already read it!), I would recommend Strictly Off-Limits by Jessica Hawkins. It’s a quick, erotic romance that was a part our limited time Forbidden Fruit Anthology. I fell in love with her writing.

Q: A genie appears and offers to bring one of YOUR characters to life. Who do you choose?

A: Ohh! Definitely Matt from Romantic Promises. Believe me, I love my other characters, but Matt is a nice mix of alpha, sweet and most definitely sexy! 

Q: Your significant other offers to take you to any restaurant you want for your birthday dinner. Where will you go? 

A: Anywhere? I’m assuming – anywhere in the world? Mmm, that would definitely be Le Chalet de Gruyeres for some amazing fondue in the world! Oh wait, you mean locally? Columbia Restaurant! Their 1905 Salad and Sangria are to die for! 

Q: What’s the most surprising part of being an author? 

A: The amazing friends I’ve made. Between readers, authors and bloggers, the Indie community is absolutely supportive and amazing to be a part of.  

Q: Your car’s being repaired at a shop next door to a Target. You have an hour to kill. In which department will we find you?

A: Gah! Please don’t ask me that! I’m so embarrassed. It would be the toy department. Yes, even when my kids are in school, I find myself wandering around there. Legos are my favorites and I’m just a little jealous that they have girl Legos now. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is break out my daughters’ Legos and start building! Sometimes I’ll even let them play! 😉 


Josie Bordeaux is the author of the Alluring Promises series. Her romance novels revolve around friendships, sizzling JB picattraction, and steamy sex scenes. Lust, passion, and love are all entwined with a lot of drama and fun-filled friendships. Josie lives in the sunshine state with her best friend (AKA – husband) and two sweet (and very creative) daughters. When she’s not driving her kids around town, she’s usually clicking her fingernails on her keyboard or down at the beach where her eyes are glued to her kindle app reading.

Follow Josie here: Website/Facebook/Twitter/Goodreads/Google+/Tsu/Amazon/Newsletter (by signing up for my newsletter, readers will receive The Naughty Au Pair, an erotic romance novella for free!)


**Each Book in the Alluring Promises Series can be read as a stand-alone.**
Adult Content for 18 and over.

Clark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn. He’s perfected the art of a well-oiled one-night stand. Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M.O.

Aubrey should know this better than anyone. After all, she was one of his one-night stands. Even though she has fond memories BP-3D-Trans-noshadowof that night, she adheres to her own set of rules when it comes to using a guy–One time only.

But, when Aubrey willingly moves in with Clark, the most attractive, annoying womanizer she’s ever met, their living situation forces the pair into an unlikely, and at times, unusual friendship…and what develops from that is something they never could have predicted.

The walls they both spent their lives trying to construct start to crumble beneath the power of friendship and lustful attraction.

When those walls come down, will either of them be able to handle what’s happened to their hearts?

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Peace, love and romance~

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