Blame it on Pearl Jam

I believe 'cause I can see . . .

You know, there are songs and then there are songs.

The first time I heard Pearl Jam’s Future Days, I was speechless. Breathless. I cried. This song . . . the music and the lyrics . . . they utterly destroyed me.

At the time, I was writing I Choose You, the third book in the Perfect Dish Romance series, and the song influenced the very end of the story.

I almost never use the same song twice in two different books’ playlists, but when I began naming the books in the Keeping Score Trilogy, I kept coming back to Future Days. I’d already decided on When We Were Us, and it was important that the third book incorporated an ‘us’ or . . . a ‘you and me’. As I listened to the lyrics of Future Days, I knew I’d found the title of Book 3.

I believe,
And I believe ’cause I can see,
Our future days,
Days of you and me

This is so much Quinn, and Leo, and Nate. Leo could have sung this song. It is a song of love, of forgiveness, of reaching a place of acceptance and looking forward . . . it IS this book.

And so there was no doubt that this song had to be part of the play list. I’ll admit, too, that I listened to it rather a lot as I wrote Days of You and Me. 

This playlist is one of my all-time favorites. I have a feeling I’ll be playing it for a long time to come, and I’ll never hear it without thinking of Nate, Quinn and Leo.


Music in Progress

I’m writing The Plan at the moment. It’s the second book in The Crystal Cove series, coming after The Posse, and the main story revolves around Emmy Carter and Cooper Davis, both of whom we met in The Posse.

Careful readers of The Posse will remember that Jude and Emmy differed on their musical preferences. Jude loves her 80’s tunes, and Emmy favors country. As it happens Cooper likes rock, so he and Emmy are reconciling that difference, too . . .

Their working playlist includes songs from Florida-Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum, Billy Joel and others. I’m excited to share their story–both musical and otherwise!–with you in June.

Stay tuned!

(Placeholder cover–reveal coming soon)

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