Thankful for You in a Small Town

Come back to Burton, and fall in love in a small town all year long . . .

Eleven holiday-themed, stand-alone romances that take place in Burton, Georgia, the small town that’s big on romance!


All during our high school days, I lived with a huge crush on Diego Ramos. The fact that we were never any more than casual friends was both a blessing and a curse: I was able to hang out with him, be near him . . . but I knew he only saw me as one of the guys.

Until graduation night, when everything changed . . . right before he left for good.

Now that he’s back in town to film a movie, I’m not sure if he even remembers me. But when the production company chooses my farm as part of the set and we’re forced to be in close proximity, it’s clear that my body hasn’t forgotten his. Not one bit.

I survived high school in small-town Georgia–barely. I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Burton the day after graduation.

But what happened the night before I took off threatened to derail my huge life plans. Leaving Zander behind me almost broke my heart.

Now that I’m back in my hometown to film what I hope is going to be my breakout role, I can’t help reliving that one night I had with him. And when circumstances throw us together again, I’m tempted to find out if that old spark might ignite a lasting flame . . .

A Year of Love in a Small Town is a grouping of stand-alone, small-town steamy romances. While the books all take place in Burton, the setting of the Love in a Small Town series, they can be read without having enjoyed the other series. 

Peace, love and romance~