Fall in Love in a Small Town


Working at the county historical society as a researcher is a dream job for a history nerd like me. And if I use my work as an excuse for being just a tiny bit reclusive, too . . . well, that’s my business. But when my brother’s best friend Jacob comes to town to dig up facts for his next book and asks me to help him out, I realize I’d rather talk romance than research with this sexy author.

Still, I get the feeling he’s too honorable to make the first move. So it might be all up to me.


Deciding to set the next book in my historical fiction series in my hometown was a no-brainer. I love Burton, and the need to do some digging into local history is a great excuse to hang out with old friends for a few weeks. And when my buddy suggests his younger sister as my research assistant, I’m happy for the help . . . until I see her and realize that Liberty has grown up to be the woman of my dreams.

But she’s off-limits to me, right? I mean . . . she’s my best friend’s baby sister. Wanting her is against the bro code.

Damn that code.

Peace, love and romance~