Be My Boo in a Small town

Come back to Burton, and fall in love in a small town all year long . . .

Eleven holiday-themed, stand-alone romances that take place in Burton, Georgia, the small town that’s big on romance!

Living a double life as both a folk singer and a shifter slayer is a challenging gig on a good day. So when my old friend Mason Wallace invites me to sing at his club in the small town of Burton on Halloween, I’m excited about a little mini-vacay.

Of course, where I go, my undercover shifter partner Nash goes, too. I don’t mind that–much; we’ve been getting along a little better, despite some really annoying sexual tension.
But when we meet two local shifters in Burton, I’m a little afraid that their chemistry just might push Nash and me beyond the boundaries of our control.

I’ve met my share of shifters, and I know all about fated mates. But I’ve never run across a more stubborn pair than Arya and Griffon.

When I discover that’s there a small shifter community in Burton during a tour stop, I’m mildly interested in being with some of my own kind. Being recruited to force two of that kind into accepting their destinies isn’t my idea of a good time, though.

Especially because their barely banked passion threatens to push me toward admitting my own feelings for a certain slayer . . .

A Year of Love in a Small Town is a grouping of stand-alone, small-town steamy romances. While the books all take place in Burton, the setting of the Love in a Small Town series, they can be read without having enjoyed the other series. 

Peace, love and romance~