Undeniable Music

Time for another play list to be updated and added to the site! Today, it’s everyone’s favorite bad boy with a heart of gold. . .Rafe Brooks in UNDENIABLE.

Rafe’s story opens on a bittersweet note: he’s just graduated from high school, where his heart was broken by Tasmyn Vaughan.  He sets off for a summer of debauchery to help him forget, ending up in New Orleans, where he meets Joss and joins Carruthers, an institution that helps people with extraordinary gifts use them for the good of the world. It’s a perfect fit,finalUndeniableSMall until a big mission takes both Rafe and Joss into a battle against evil neither of them anticipated.

The play list for UNDENIABLE reflects Rafe’s state of mind throughout the book. I remember when his story was unfolding to me, every time I heard a song about unrequited love or recent heartbreak, I’d note it down.

My poor Rafe. . .we all just want to comfort him, don’t we!

The play list for UNDENIABLE is here. Let me know what you think, particularly if you’ve read the book.

Next week: Of course, after UNDENIABLE is UNQUENCHABLE. . .music in the key of Nell.


Peace, love and romance~

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