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Quickies from Kallypso Masters

I’m a strong believer in paying it forward–and happily, so are most indie authors. I’ve been the fortunate recipient of more grace and favor than I’ve any right. One of the fabulous authors who’s been gracious and kind to me–helping to host a release party, letting me take part in hers–is the wonderful Kallypso Masters. I love her books, because they’re not your standard BDSM or military books; they’re a perfect blend of thoughtful exploration of a lifestyle that might be unfamiliar to many readers as well as sensitive handling of the unique qualities in military men and women. I’m thrilled that Kallypso is here today to share five quickies!

Q: Your character Adam is one of my favorites. He meets a guy who’s about to join the Marines. What advice would Adam give him?

A: Be aware of your surroundings at all time–seeing and listening with more than your eyes and ears. Stay focused. Remember to breathe. Remain calm under duress. Leave no Marine behind.

Q: You’ve just won a week-long vacation in Paris. The only caveat is that you have five minutes to pack and you can only bring five items of clothes. What would get tossed into your backpack?

A: I hope the shoes aren’t included as clothing, but here are my clothing items: comfortable slacks, two t-shirts, bra, panties, and a cocktail dress. (But I SO would never go to Paris or anywhere that light!)

Q: Plain or peanut M&M’s?

A: Peanut!

Q: Summer’s around the corner! What’s your go-to adult beverage for the warm months?

A: Anything with rum and fruit juice(s)! (It’s also my favorite winter adult beverage! I just go up to the bartender wherever I am and ask for his or her rum and fruity specialty.)

Q: At a library one day, you meet a 20 year-old girl who’s never read any books for pleasure. What novel, other than any of your own, would you suggest for her first ‘real’ book?

A: Just one? Wow. I’m going to say “Archer’s Voice,” by Mia Sheridan. A hero unlike any I’ve ever read in a poignant, emotional Romance that will have her falling in love with reading again. 


USA Today Bestseller NOBODY’S DREAM

One broken heart. 

One battered soul. 

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No one said life would be fair or easy. Quiet, Peruvian-born artist Cassie Lopez learned this the hard way. Betrayed by the man she planned to marry, she shut herself off as far away from all but her closest friend from college… 

Until the night Luke Denton came crashing into her Colorado mountain sanctuary with a vengeance. Confused by her heart’s response to this kind and gentle man, Cassie pushes herself to help the cowboy recover quickly so she can send him on his way. But Luke’s patience and understanding threaten to break down the very defenses she needs to survive in this world after he’s gone. 

Search-and-Rescue worker Luke, who lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident, also knows firsthand of the unfairness of life. He keeps his own nightmares at bay by focusing on his rescue activities, most recently adopting and working with abused and neglected horses. 

Can two wounded people find trust and love together? Do nightmares end where dreams come true? 

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 USA Today bestselling author Kallypso Masters writes emotional, realistic Romance novels with an emphasis on healing using sometimes unconventional methods. Her alpha males are dominant and attracted to strong women who can bring them to theirKally promo shot Nov 2013 knees. Kally also has brought many readers to their knees—having them experience the stories along with her characters in the Rescue Me Saga. Kally knows that Happily Ever After takes maintenance, so her couples don’t solve all their problems and disappear at “the end” of “their” novel, but will continue to work on real problems in their relationships in later books in the saga.

Kally has been writing full-time since May 2011. She lives in rural Kentucky and has been married almost 32 years to the man who provided her own Happily Ever After. They have two adult children, one adorable grandson, and a rescued dog and cat.

Kally enjoys meeting readers. Check out the Appearances page on her web site to see if she’ll be near you!

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