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Quickies from Juli Valenti

I was trying to remember exactly how I ‘met’ Juli Valenti. I know we were chatting about something bookish related, and then she was involved in a promotion we did this past winter. We also met up at Coastal Magic in February . . . she’s a fellow Floridian. Give her a big hello!

Q: You’re a Florida girl. If you were offered your choice of an annual pass to any local amusement park—transportation included—would you choose Disney World, Sea World, Universal or Legoland?

A: Disney World!!!! I’m a huge child at heart and I’ve only been once.

Q: You’re on a cruise, and the captain says you get to choose the dinner menu for the last night at sea. What will be served?

A: Hmm. tough one… depends on my mood, I guess. Probably Prime Rib, Green Beans (just like Outbacks) and a Caesar salad. For dessert: Key Lime Pie, Black Forest Cake, and Strawberry shortcake

Q: A genie offers you the chance to take your best friend and spend a day in *one* of the worlds you created in your books. Which book-world will you visit with your friend?

A: All of my worlds are real-time, and not different from every day life. If i could visit ANY world, though, it would probably be Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series 🙂

Q: What’s the one item you must have with you at the beach?

A: Sunscreen! A LOT of it. Maybe I need to go into business making sunscreen that protects the ultra-fair peoples like me. (I’m the only perpetually pale person in Florida!)

Q: The Property Brothers are going to help you find your dream home. What three elements are absolutely essential for your perfect house?

A: Light – I want to see the outside when I’m inside, using less electricity. Open floor plans with high ceilings and not a lot of walls (walls make me claustrophobic). A large backyard with a patio so I could sit outside and watch my kids play safely while I write and bask in the warmth of Florida (covered, of course, so I don’t burn like bacon!)


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Juli Valenti grew up in a small town in Arkansas, known for Wal-mart, which is no longer small but is still known for the grocery store. Lucky for her, she didn’t retain an accent, despite her overuse of ya’ll when talking. She currently resides in sunny Florida with her husband and two young boys. If her world wasn’t crazy enough, she also works a full time day job, as well as owns her own editing company (Juli’s Elite Editing).

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Pieces in Chance

Drew Townsend has lived anything but a charmed life. When her mother died from cancer, her father snapped, using her as his own personal punching bag. After taking one too many beatings, she took things into her own hands. Determined to escape the Pieces in Chance Ecovernightmare she was living, a desperate Drew does the only thing she can think of to end it all.

Jensen Marks, a former Marine and now police officer in the small town of Chance, had seen a lot of things in his years – war, beatings, crying children – yet none of it kept him up at night. So once he met Drew, he’s perplexed by the way she got under his skin. After years of everyone turning their back on what was going on, Jensen takes it upon himself to see a change in her.

Can Jensen help Drew pick up the missing pieces of herself or will he push her into losing yet another piece in Chance?


LITERARY ADDICTS Weekly Wednesday Meme: Which Character Would Be Your Best Friend?




Books have always been my best friends. I prefer the worlds and people within the covers of books over most flesh and blood beings, with certain spectacular exceptions.

So it isn’t odd that I have also found some of my best friends in characters of those books.

The first of my best book friends would be Laura Ingalls Wilder. I found her so utterly relatable and steadfast, someone upon whom41XEdvUb+GL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_ a person could depend. . .if you want to learn more about her, her life and her times, I highly recommend The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure. I reviewed it on this site a few years ago, and I stand by my feelings. Awesome book about an amazing person.

And then was Katie John of the books by the same name, by Mary Calhoun. Some of what I read in her books still affect my life today, and Katie John was a friend you’d want to have. She was fun, daring, smart and loyal. And she lived in this really cool house.

All-for-Hope-196x300Today, when I think of books I’ve read most recently, I think I would like to have Hope Sheffield of Olivia Hardin’s All for Hope as my best book friend. She’s someone you want on your side: she takes care of her own, she’s nurturing, and she’s forgiving, all qualities I need in a friend.

Who would be your best book friend? Be sure to hop around to all the other participating blogs and see their answers!