My Lucky Day in a Small Town


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This is a small-town, stuck-together-in-snowstorm romance.
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Come back to Burton, and fall in love in a small town all year long!

Eleven holiday-themed, stand-alone romances that take place in Burton, Georgia,
the small town that’s big on romance!
I moved to the States for a fresh start, with a new job managing holiday cottages and the chance to get to know my American cousins better. And while I love my job and my family, I’m not excited about the big St. Patrick’s Day party they’re throwing. I’ll go, but I’m not happy about participating in this crazy American ritual. Green beer? Ugh!
When Flynn Evans’ pretty Irish cousin needs a ride home from the St. Patrick’s Day shindig, offering to drive her isn’t a hardship, even in the middle of a freak March snowstorm. But being stuck with her at the cottages she manages . . . hey, maybe March 17th IS my lucky day!
A Year of Love in a Small Town is a grouping of stand-alone, small-town steamy romances. While the books all take place in Burton, the setting of the Love in a Small Town series, they can be read without having enjoyed the other series.

Peace, love and romance~