What’s Amazing about Michael

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some wonderful writers in my critique group read my work.  I appreciate their feedback.  What’s interesting is that while everyone likes Tasmyn, all the women love Michael.

Michael Sawyer is a senior at King High.  He’s lived right outside King all his life.  Michael’s parents, Marly and Luke, own and operate Sawood Nursery, a large and successful landscaping and plant nursery in the country side just beyond the border of King.

Michael’s sister Lela is in her second year of college in Virginia.  During her high school years, she established a small gift shop as part of Sawood. She likes the artistic end of the business while Michael enjoys horticulture at the nursery. He works there three days a week and most weekends.

The Sawyers live in a large log cabin adjacent to the nursery. Michael drives his vintage ’65 convertible Mustang to school every day. He has a small group of close friends, most of whom he has known for years.

Oh. . did I mention that Michael is gorgeous?  His light brown hair and incredible green eyes have inspired more than one swoon among the female population at King High. But Michael doesn’t seem to notice that. He’s friendly, but he hasn’t ever had a serious girlfriend.

Maybe he’s just waiting for the right girl to come along. . .

Meet Tasmyn

I am thrilled to introduce Tasmyn Vaughn, the main character in my FEARLESS series.

Tas is a typical seventeen year old girl. . sort of.  She’s moved from one town to another for most of those years–her dad’s job requires the constant relocation–and so she’s a little quieter than most girls.  Sometimes it almost seems as though she has a secret.

Tasmyn is an only child.  Rob and Nora, her parents are great people, but they tend a little toward being overprotective. And they might have good reason.

The Vaughns just moved again, this time from the chills of Wisconsin down to balmy central Florida.  They’re living in a small town, and Tasmyn is a little nervous about starting her new school.  After all, this is probably where she’ll finish high school.  It’s her last chance to have a normal teenage life.

But how normal can you be when you can hear minds?