Army Blue: A Career Soldier Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing for Owen Hughes and Jacey Braggs, the last two in their close circle of friends to tie the knot. They’re crazy in love, and they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Everything should be sunshine and rainbows.

But even true love doesn’t guarantee a smooth path to happily-ever-after when you’re a career soldier.

First there’s the gigantic task of bringing together all of their friends and family for the big day. Then there’s the stress of making their wedding exactly what they both want it to be. Add in the threat of a last-minute deployment, a little family tension and a freak snowstorm . . . and it’s going to take all of their friends’ help and support to give Jacey and Owen the day they deserve.

Release September 25, 2018!

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Peace, love and romance~