A Perfect Dish Series Playlists

Best Served Cold Playlist

Revenge is a strong theme in Best Served Coldand it’s strongly reflected in the songs on this playlist. Also, since the Perfect Dish
books are particularly peopled with spunky women, all the songs here are sung by females.

You might notice Christina Perri makes three appearances. I listened to her music almost non-stop while writing this book. She rocks. Hard.

Your Biggest Mistake        Ellie Goulding

You’re No Good                   Linda Ronstadt

Jar of Hearts                       Christina Perri

Stronger                               Kelly Clarkson

Bang Bang Bang                Christina Perri

Mama’s Broken Heart      Miranda Lambert

Sunday Morning                No Doubt

You Ought To Know         Alanis Morissette 

Arms                                    Christina Perri


Just Desserts Playlist

Just Desserts is a book that holds a very special place in my heart. Liam and Ava are probably my favorite of my fictional characters, and writing their story was so much fun.

Ava’s an Italian Jersey girl. In New Jersey, appreciating Frank Sinatra, local boy gone big, is practically a requirement. It’s not surprising that Ava is a big Frank fan.
One of the first things Liam does for Ava as he’s wooing her–because, yes, big bad Liam Bailey is definitely wooing this girl–is make her a special playlist on his BMW’s audio system.

Of course, it’s all Frank.

An interesting side note, which was totally unplanned when I named these characters and got to know them: many people believe that the one true love of Frank Sinatra’s life was Ava Gardner.

Coincidence? I think not.

All songs by Frank Sinatra

All The Way

The Way You Look Tonight     

Body and Soul     

Somethin’ Stupid     

And I Love You So     


Peace, love and romance~