Music Monday

I am in deep edits for Restless.  This is kind of a different experience for me; Fearless was adjusted, re-written and retooled so many times that I knew just about every line by heart.  Breathless was critiqued by my writing partners, so that book too was very familiar to me. But I haven’t really touched Restless since I finished writing it, so it’s fun jumping back into that world.

At the same time, I am chomping at the bit to finish the last book. . as yet untitled.  And so I’m really enjoying listening to music that inspires that part of the story.  These days, one of my favorites is Be My Only by FM Radio.  I love the music, the lyrics. . .it sounds just like something Michael might sing to Tasmyn.

Not sure what the rest of the playlist for this book will look like.  When I’m ready to get down to serious writing, I know it will all come together. . and the perfect music will present itself to me through the wonders of Pandora and iTunes. I can’t wait.

Amazon: Devil or Savior?

For the last several months, most of my posts here have been about book promotion–and that is how it should be, since for the last several months, my life has been about book promotion.

Today we’re going to veer off that topic just a little.  I’d like to talk about Amazon.

I’ve spoken with quite a few people who work in different parts of the publishing world. There are some who believe that Amazon’s very existence is threatening small business, state governments, the future of publishing and the very fabric of life itself. There are others who see Amazon as the wave of the future, the only possible solution to the challenges that have confronted the ever-changing world of business in general and book publishing specifically.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll remind you that my books are epublished and sold through Amazon.  I clearly have a business relationship with them.

I am grateful that Amazon exists.  The company has not only opened wide the doors of publishing for the independent author, it has for all intents and purposes held our hands as we walked through. Indie publishing is that easy through Amazon.

But I see the bigger picture as well.  I know that Amazon’s existence and ease of use has made us lazy and demanding consumers.  When we want something, we simply go to the Amazon page, search for it. . .order it. . .and usually it arrives within a few days, at a price that it is at least competitive if not better than that of our local source.

I know too that many consider Amazon’s open door to publishing to be a death knoll of quality books, that without the traditional gatekeepers of agents and editors fighting off the specter of bad writing and poor stories, we’re all doomed.

I don’t agree. Visit your local bookstore, pick up about ten books randomly.  Some of them will be great; well-edited, well-written stories that deserve their spot on the shelf.  But some of them are the equivalent of literary garbage, poorly written drivel that slips through because of the perceived demands of the reading public. (“We need MORE VAMPIRE BOOKS!!  I don’t care if there’s a story. . just GIVE ME VAMPIRES!!”)

Here’s the truth, folks:  Amazon isn’t the devil.  It’s not going to usher in the end of days. But it’s not the savior either; it’s merely a vehicle that’s helping to take us from point A–our old way of doing things–to point B, whatever the future might hold. Change is never easy, but it’s constant. Let’s hold on and see where we end up.

In the meantime, I’m happy to marching right through that door.

#1 Book!!

The promotion for FEARLESS has been a huge success! For the last three days, Fearless has been the number one book on Amazon’s Contemporary Fantasy list and as of today was #40 on Amazon’s top 100.

The promotion ends at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet. . .there’s just a little more time!

Correction on Free Days

The best laid plans of mice and men. . .obviously didn’t take Amazon into account.

Things happen, and today one of those things decided to happen to the Fearless promotion. So the FEARLESS FREE DAYS apparently will now begin TOMORROW, not today.

I apologize for any and all inconvenience, particularly to the wonderful bloggers and reviewers who have been consistently supportive of the King Series.

I hope you’ll go by Amazon tomorrow and download FEARLESS. . .for free. . for real this time.


That’s right, folks!  In celebration of my birthday and Easter–both this weekend–FEARLESS ebook is FREE from April 4th-8th.  You can download it at Amazon, enjoy the story if you haven’t read it yet. . and then see how the story continues in BREATHLESS.

Spread the word!  Free Days only last until Sunday. . .